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Cancellation and Refund Policy

This Cancellation and Refund Policy shall apply to any cancellation of subscription of the Gbosss Products and applicable refunds. Gbosss shall not entertain any refund requests if cancellation of subscription is in violation of this policy or its Terms of Service or if Gbosss terminates the User account for violation of its Terms of Service.
This Cancellation and Refund Policy is part of and incorporated within, and is to be read along with the Terms of Service https://gbosss.com/pages/termsconditions. The terms capitalised in this policy and not defined herein shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms of Service.

  • Gbosss permits cancellation of subscription if a User is not satisfied with the product or service. Cancellation of a first-time subscription is eligible for refund only within 30 days from the date of purchase of subscription (“Purchase Date”).
  • A User can only avail refund once. Renewal of subscription after the expiration of its term shall not entitle a User to avail refund.
  • The date on invoice for subscription shall be considered as final and conclusive for determining the Purchase Date.
  • Gbosss may permit Users to upgrade their subscription by purchasing a higher priced subscription. Where a User upgrades its subscription, the refund shall be governed by the Purchase Date and not from the date of upgrade of subscription (“Upgrade Date”). To clarify, a User who avails an upgrade is eligible for refund upon cancellation of the subscription within 30 days from the Purchase Date only.
  • Under no circumstance shall a User be entitled to a refund upon cancellation of subscription after 30 days from the Purchase Date.
  • All requests for cancellation of subscription and refund should be raised only via the customer support helpline provided by Gbosss. Cancellation and refund requests raised through any other mode of communication will not be considered for refund.
  • Gbosss has arrangements with banks, affiliates, payment gateways, payment aggregators and other financial service providers for processing refunds (“Service Providers”). Gbosss endeavours to ensure that eligible refunds are processed within 20 working days of your request for cancellation of subscription. However, this timeline is indicative and processing of refunds is subject to the time taken by the Service Providers.
  • The User agrees to provide any information required to facilitate refunds including but not limited to bank account details, bank branch names, UPI addresses, IFSC codes.
  • The User acknowledges and agrees that remittance of refund to the User is subject to the charges that may be levied by the Service Providers for such remittance. Such charges shall be deducted from the refund claimed by the User.