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About Us

Gbosss software is designed to assist the business owners with all the GST compliance requirements. The software is intuitive and simple keeping the necessities of the business owners of India in mind. So, by using this software, the business owners can Record, Purchase invoices, Create invoices, create an account for Client management, Payments, Supplier management and more.

This GST software takes care of the Banking, Inventory, Accounting, Statutory compliance, Payroll, Stock maintaining, E-filling and other operations. With the feature of auto calculation of GST, this software assists the companies to promote the businesses while complying with the GST regulations. There are some unique features of this website and these include SMS invoice, QR code invoice, refer and earn etc.

Gbosss can help the companies in:

  • Purchase and billing transactions: Business owners can complete the purchase and billing transactions through this software.
  • Proper filing of tax with complete convenience: This software allows the business owners to file their taxes on time and with ease.
  • Easy submissions and invoicing: Gbosss makes it really simple for the business owners to submit the accounting or tax details as well as to get the invoice once the filing is complete.
  • Printing of document in the right format: The business owners can print the tax or accounting related documents quite easily with this software.
  • Keeping both the log and taxation reports well organized: Another benefit of GST+ is that it helps the business owners to maintain their taxation and logging reports in an organized manner.
  • Remote management: This software allows the users to manage their accounting system remotely even from their mobile.
  • Managing different collateral financial activities: GST+ also allows the users to manage various types of collateral financial activities through this software.

What makes the Gbosss software unique?

The unique features of this software are:

  • It is cost effective
  • It offers a free registration system
  • It comes with a 30 days money back guaranty
  • It comes with a minimum accounting knowledge
  • Users can access this software in any device
  • There is no need to install
  • This software is available completely online and it is really easy to use
  • This software is available with a 24/7 support system

Business section:

Apart from the software, Gbosss also offers a business platform. In this platform, the clients, who are using the accounting software, can list their business on this website choosing the specific category. Besides, here the business owners can share details of the products or review the products they have listed.

The consumers, therefore, can visit the desired categories, choose the product they like to buy and can add it to the cart to order directly from this website. The orders will be sent directly to the client sites and Gbosss has no responsibility afterwards. This is really beneficial as this way the users can grab the best deal on products without wasting much time. And there is no hidden charge or cost associated with it.

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